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Comacchio Beaches

Lidi di Comacchio, Strada Provinciale di Comacchio, Comacchio, FE, Italia

Comacchio Beaches

Lidi di Comacchio, Strada Provinciale di Comacchio, Comacchio, FE, Italia


The 7 seaside areas known as Lidi di Comacchio (FE) extend for approximately 25km on the coast of the Adriatic Sea inside the regional park of the Po Valley, inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Starting from the northern end, near the Po, the Lido di Volano, once a fishing village, is completely immersed in its natural surroundings. Once a simple stretch of sand and sea, the Lido delle Nazioni today features wide avenues, shops and restaurants near the beach, a disco and sports fields which attract young people for the most part. In contrast, the Lido di Pomposa and the Lido degli Scacchi are quieter and generally frequented by families. Porto Garibaldi, a former fishing village, owes its name to the famous soldier who disembarked here in 1848 and is the landing stage for many fishing vessels and ships. The Lido degli Estensi, one of the most popular, is an immense stretch of sandy beach with several resort areas; night life here goes on until late with shops in viale Carducci which features arches, obelisks and gazebo in a neoclassical style and brick paving and, at its entrance, a modern tourist harbour, Marina degli Estensi which can be accessed from the canal of Porto Garibaldi. The southernmost beach is the elegant Lido degli Spina, set in an ancient pine forest, with residential villas and sophisticated hangouts near the beach.

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