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High plain of Giara

Giara di Gesturi, Provincia del Medio Campidano, Sardegna, Italia

High plain of Giara

Giara di Gesturi, Provincia del Medio Campidano, Sardegna, Italia


The Nature Reserve of Giara in Gesturi includes the vast basalt and limestone Giara plain, bordered by irregular walls and irrigated by seasonal ponds. Luxuriant woods of cork, turkey and holly oaks, wild olives and Mediterranean undergrowth extend throughout the park. The gentle contours of the high plain are broken up by several hills including that of Sa Zeppara Manna.

The wild and pristine nature of the area is inhabited by very rare animals including the only existing herd in Italy and Europe of the small wild horses known as the “horses of Giara”, of unknown origin. In addition, there are boar, hare, ducks, woodcocks, jays, and other protected species.

The neighbouring villages (Gesturi, Tuili, Setzu, Genuri, Sini, Gonnosnò, Albagiara, Assolo, Genoni) have opened entrances so that the nature reserve can be easily accessed with any type of transport and rest areas for visitors have been created in strategic points.

The area also contains important archaeological monuments such as the Protonuraghe of Bruncu Madugui and the famous Su Nuraxi di Barumini, inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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