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Scogli Lunghi

Sentiero degli Scogli Lunghi, Ancona, AN, Italia

Scogli Lunghi

Sentiero degli Scogli Lunghi, Ancona, AN, Italia


The Scogli Lunghi coastline is adjacent to the more well-known Scalaccia coastline. It also has very similar, if not identical, features. The real distinguishing feature of this place, which gives it is name, is a barrier of rocks which, similarly to the famous Trave of Portonovo Bay, extends out to sea, reminiscent of a small pier. Under the cliffs are the characteristic caves carved out of the rock, which we saw in the Grotta Azzurra, Passetto Caves and Spiaggiola coastlines, although here they are fewer and further between. The only way to access the beach is via two trails, or from the sea.

Worth mentioning (as they are so picturesque) to the south of the beach, so on the border with the Scalaccia, are a number of wooden poles driven into the rock, the remains of what were once slipways for boats.

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Trail, Accessible on foot, Accessible by boat, Wheelchair not accessible
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Marche Film Commission — Fondazione Marche Cultura
Piazza Cavour 23 — 60121 Ancona
Phone: +39 071 9951 623/624/625
Email: silvia.pincini@fondazionemarchecultura.it

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