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Palatine Judas tree – Rome

Colle Palatino, Via Sacra, Roma, RM, Italia

Palatine Judas tree – Rome

Colle Palatino, Via Sacra, Roma, RM, Italia



The monumental Judas tree (cercis siliquastrum, also known as the European redbud) on the Palatine hill, a couple of hundred metres from the Colosseum, is one of the most ancient trees in Italy. This tree, whose gnarled outline is almost lying on the ground as if to rest the weight of its 200 years, is noted for the spectacular display of its crown in early Spring when, before growing new leaf cover, it blossoms with hundreds of deep pink flowers which transform it into a colourful cloud that can be seen far off.
ESTIMATED AGE: 200 years approx.

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