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Piazza del Tribunale di Bolzano,uffici della Procura e dell’Ordine degli Avvocati,rilievo della giustizia seduta,alto adige,south tyrol,cineturismo,location,Courthouse Square,Court of Bolzano

Courthouse Square

Piazza del Tribunale, Bolzano, BZ, Italia

Courthouse Square

Piazza del Tribunale, Bolzano, BZ, Italia


Bolzano’s “Courthouse Square” is framed by the Court of Bolzano on the northern side. This monumental building with its massive set of steps was built during the Fascist era after the accession of Alto Adige, for the purpose of expressing the Italian nation’s strength and power.

Bolzano was chosen by Senator Ettore Tolomei as the “driving force of assimilation” (Italianization). The court buildings also house the offices of the Public Prosecutor and Association of Attorneys. In the middle of the facade there is a relief depicting the goddess of Justice in a seated position. Strangely, in this version she is not blindfolded (typical symbolism used for impartiality). To her left sits a judge with the legal code (“Lex”) and to her right is a soldier with a large sword. Bordering the ceiling, the following sentence is carved in relief: “Pro italico imperio virtute iustitia hierarchia unguibus et rostris” (“Virtue and justice in defense of the Italian empire with nails and teeth”).

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IDM Film Fund & Commission — Alto Adige
Via del Macello, 73 — 39100 Bolzano
Phone: +39 0471 094 294
Email: luisa.giuliani@idm-suedtirol.com

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