Regione Lazio: €19 million in support for the cinema and audio-visual industry


Regione Lazio has reiterated its commitment to the cinema and audio-visual industry by supporting companies in the production sector and thereby encouraging increases in revenues and employment. To this end, two new calls have been published online, with a budget of €19 million.


Lazio Cinema International targets international co-productions, intending to make regional businesses increasingly competitive and provide greater visibility worldwide to the tourist destinations of Lazio. It has a €5 million budget, half of which is reserved for audio-visual works considered of “regional interest”. The fund, co-financed by PR-FESR 2021-2027, has an annual provision of €10 million (divided into two phases) for the next 7 years for a total of €70 million overall.

In addition, the last call for 2021 by Lazio Cinema International has provided €5 million, bringing the number of works financed by the Regione Lazio funds for co-productions to 26. In 7 calls for projects since 2016, Lazio Cinema International has financed 154 titles, produced by 220 companies from 33 foreign countries. The financed films have received 322 awards and 411 nominations from the most prestigious international festivals, such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Rome.

The Call for Cinema and Audio-visual Production has a budget of €9 million. From this year on, productions following green protocols and with a female presence of - at least - 50% on company boards, or in the casts and crews, will earn extra consideration during the selection phase.