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Italy for Movies is the national portal for film and audiovisual production locations and incentives

The goals

Italy for movies is the national portal for film and audiovisual production locations and incentives.

Cinema and audiovisual productions fulfil a key role in promoting Italy’s image and the country’s tourism offer abroad. Acknowledgement of this has been fully enshrined in law, as the country has created new legislation to manage public state intervention in support of the cinema and audiovisual industry in a more modern and efficient way. Sectors recognised as activities of significant public interest, those which contribute to defining our national identity and to the civil, cultural and economic growth of the country, encourage industrial growth, promote tourism, and generate employment.

More specifically, the reform gives the Ministry of Culture the task of promoting the image of Italy, including for the purposes of tourism, through film and audiovisual products, in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT).

The project

The Italy for Movies project was launched in January 2017 following signature of a memorandum of understanding by the General Directorates for Film and Tourism in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

Aligned with the remit of the Strategic Tourism Plan, the project is one of the strategic interventions working to optimise and systematically manage existing structures while also launching highly innovative experimental initiatives, both in terms of offer and with reference to target markets and the relevant promotional and marketing channels.

The strategic aims

The project is positioned to act as an institutional tool, coordinating information and communication with both the State and the Regions within a remit for the international promotion of the Made in Italy brand.

It also aims to increase the appeal and visibility of the Italian regions to tourists through film and audiovisual production and to access an increasing flow in foreign investments in order to produce more effective promotion through film-induced tourism, and a greater use and appreciation of the country’s cultural, environmental and landscape assets.

The portal gives industry professionals:

  • access to the best filming locations in the Italian regions;
  • information about funding opportunities at regional, national and international levels;
  • news about filming in Italy and production incentives.

The portal also targets film-induced tourists (people who want to visit filming locations) by offering:

  • tourism itineraries featuring locations for movies, TV series and videogames;
  • a movie and videogame database including details about shooting locations;
  • news about cinema, filming in the Regions and events related to film-induced tourism.


The portal has six sections


Locations are divided into the individual territories and can be identified via the search engine which is organized by category, e.g., geographical position, type of location, building and site classification, historical era, environmental details and contact details.


This section lists the incentives, international, national and regional, available to producers and the technical facilities provided by the Film Commissions.

Film, serie TV & game

This section lists descriptions of the locations in Italy that have been used to shoot films, TV series and videogames; profiles contain photos, videos and links to production company websites.


This section helps you create a personalized route or choose one of our themed itineraries to explore the locations used to shoot films, TV shows and videogames.


This section has the latest articles relevant to the topics covered by the portal.

Film commission

Dedicated to the work of Italy’s Film Commissions, this section contains documentation from the National Coordination.


The technical and organisational management of the project has been entrusted to Cinecittà SpA in close partnership with the Italian Film Commission Association.

Registered at the Court of Rome n. 133/2019 on 10.10.2019
Director: Marcello Giannotti
Deputy director: Carmen Diotaiuti
Editorial office: Monica Sardelli (Editorial content manager), Azzurra Teoli (Content support)

Communication director: Marcello Giannotti
Project manager: Carmen Diotaiuti

Location content: Film Commissions and participating institutions
Videogame content: IVIPRO
With thanks to the General Direction of Libraries and Copyright and the Directorate General of Museums for the information sheets about libraries and State museums

Supervision and coordination

Directorate General for Film and Audiovisual: Nicola Borrelli
Cinecittà SpA: Chiara Sbarigia; Nicola Maccanico
Italian Film Commissions: Cristina Priarone; Paolo Manera; Maurizio Gemma
Institutional coordination: Bruno Zambardino

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