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Calascio and the Fortress

Calascio, AQ, Italia

Calascio and the Fortress

Calascio, AQ, Italia


Rocca Calascio is the highest fortress in the Apennine Mountains with its tower at 1,520 metres above sea level. It looks out over the southern slope of the Gran Sasso d’Italian mountain, near the Campo Imperatore alpine meadow. The fortress sits above the town of Calascio, which sits at a height of 1,200 metres above sea level […]. We have Antonio Piccolomini to thank for the construction, in around 1480, of the four towers that sit around the original fortified tower of Rocca Calascio along with the town walls, and the reconstruction of most of the town after it was destroyed by the terrible earthquake of 1461. In the area around the fortress is the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà, which was built by shepherds in around 1400 to offer thanks to the Madonna when Piccolomini soldiers held off a group of bandits from the neighbouring Papal States in a bloody battle.

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Film Commission d'Abruzzo
Centro Regionale Beni Culturali - Sulmona
Phone: + 39 0864 576303
Email: crbc@regione.abruzzo.it

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Edited by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Scuola Nazionale di Cinema — Abruzzo.

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A Pure Formality
Film drama
Directed by: Giuseppe Tornatore
Film fantasy
Directed by: Richard Donner

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