Trentino Film Fund: 3 grant sessions for 2023. First deadline 2 March


The Trentino Film Fund has published its schedule for 2023: the 3 grant sessions have deadlines on 2 March, 6 June and 21 September.

The fund is aimed at:

  1. Supporting the production and distribution of audiovisual, film and television works in Trentino that contribute to enhancing the shared cultural heritage;
  2. Promoting the geographical, environmental, cultural and historical heritage of the province of Trento in Italy and Europe;
  3. Encouraging the training and specialization of technical and artistic professions in the territory to make them more competitive internationally;
  4. Supporting decentralised film programming with special attention to high quality products;
  5. Supporting expenses linked to the function and promotion of TFC.

Applications can be made by local, national and international film, TV and documentary production companies intending to shoot in the province of Trento; while aspiring and established industry professionals resident in the province of Trento may apply for contributions for training courses and/or participation in industry markets.

The maximum contribution for film and TV productions is €400k; for documentaries €40k; while local productions and local TV broadcasters may seek financing up to €50k. The maximum contribution for training initiatives is €5k.

Furthermore, the required spend in the province must not exceed 50% of the total production cost while 20% of the overall production cost may be supported by another EU Member country without a reduction in the contribution.

Consult our summary.