Italy for Movies and Italy Meets Hollywood join forces to bring the cinema industries of Italy and America closer together


Italy for Movies is partnering with Italy meets Hollywood, the institutional site created by the audiovisual team of the Italian Trade Agency / Los Angeles Office which is entirely dedicated to the audiovisual industry in the United States.

Italy meets Hollywood offers an efficient service tracking the key trends and events in the American audiovisual industry (“News” and “Events”) and useful information and exclusive content to promote the appeal, funding sources and opportunities that Italy supplies as a set for productions (“Training & Education”); while the “Marketplace” section introduces the key players in both markets.

The portal intends to create a bridge between the two markets, Italy and America, to enhance relationships, supply current information on the audio-visual scene in each country and through Italy for Movies, provide American industry professionals with services offered by Italy’s location and production incentive portal.

Included as a key player in the “Marketplace”, Italy for Movies provides easy access to the wide range of potential sets in Italy for American industry professionals through the “Locations” section which has a specific search engine to assist in selection. A specific section in “Training & Education” identifies the range of funding opportunities created for foreign producers wishing to shoot in Italy.  The collaboration between Italy for Movies and Italy meets Hollywood will be further integrated by the sharing of news of interest to both country’s cinema and audiovisual industries.

The synergy between Italy for Movies and Italy Meets Hollywood is bringing Italian and American cinema closer than ever before!