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Cloister of Sant'Orso – Aosta

Via Sant'Orso, 14, 11100 Aosta AO, Italy

Cloister of Sant'Orso – Aosta

Via Sant'Orso, 14, 11100 Aosta AO, Italy


The Cloister of Sant’Orso is part of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter and St. Orso in Aosta. It was built in Romanesque style probably in the 12th century when pope Innocent II imposed Augustine rule on the canons of St. Orso via papal bull.
The marble columns have white marble capitals varnished black. The carvings on the capitals (37 remain of the original 52) make them particularly unusual: these depict scenes from the Old and New Testaments and the life of St. Orso (St. Ursus of Aosta), although there are also some from pagan culture such as Aesop’s fables, and others with animals and plants.


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Rocco Schiavone
TV series – 2 seasons - 10 episodes
Directed by: Michele Soavi (s.1) Giulio Manfredonia (s.2)