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Lake Martignano

Lago di Martignano, Città Metropolitana di Roma, Italia

Lake Martignano

Lago di Martignano, Città Metropolitana di Roma, Italia



Lake Martignano, known in antiquity as Lake Alsietino, is a lake of volcanic origin with a surface area of 2.4 km2. Its shoreline includes the municipalities of Rome, Anguillara Sabazia and Campagnano di Roma. Its waters were used to feed the Acqua Alsietina aqueduct from the reign of Augustus and, from the 1800s onwards, the Acqua Paola aqueduct fallen in disuse.

The absence of residential centres on its shore has enabled excellent levels of conservation in the surrounding areas and woodlands, with large quantities of fish and birds. The practically pristine nature of the place made it the perfect location for the Blue Fairy’s house in Luigi Comencini’s The Adventures of Pinocchio (1972).

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Tarmac road, Accessible by car
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Roma Lazio Film Commission
Via Tuscolana 1055 — 00173 Roma
Phone: +39 06 72286273/320
Fax: +39 06 722 1127
Email: info@romalaziofilmcommission.it

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God Willing
Film comedy
Directed by: Edoardo Falcone

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