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Films on the Move - CREA-MEDIA-2024

Session opening:

  • 03.10.2023

Session expirations:

  • 14.03.2024
  • 18.07.2024 Open


The aim of the MEDIA sub-programme’s is to facilitate the cross-border distribution of recent European films by encouraging film distributors to invest in the promotion and suitable distribution of non-national European films.

The activities to be funded are campaigns for the pan-European theatrical and/or online distribution of eligible European films, outside their country of origin, coordinated by the sales agent of the film. A minimum of 7 different distributors must be attached to the project out of which at least 2 must originate from lower audiovisual capacity countries.


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Data sheet


  • Non-national European film or co-production

Distribution channel

  • Cinema

Film industry branch

  • Distribution


  • € 16,000,000


  • selective

Eligible projects

  • Feature Film
  • Documentary
  • Animation


  • Italian or European distribution company
  • Industry Professional - Italy
  • Industry Professional - Europe

Type of contribution

  • Non-repayable grants


A minimum of 7 different distributors must be attached to the project. Out of the 7 distributors: at least 2 from small/very small capacity countries.

The film must have its first copyright established in 2022 at the earliest.

The film must have been majority produced by a producer/producers established in countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme and made with the significant participation of professionals from those countries.

The film must be a recent work of fiction, animation or documentary of at least 60 minutes in duration and from a different country to the country of distribution.

The production budget of the film cannot exceed 15M€.

The film must have a standard interoperable identifier, such as ISAN or EIDR.

The beneficiary will have between 12 and 24 months to carry out the project.

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