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Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund

Session opening:

  • 25.05.2023
  • 01.10.2023

Session expirations:

  • 30.06.2023
  • 15.12.2023 Open


The Piemonte Film TV Development Fund supports independent production companies, headquartered legally or operationally in the region of Piedmont, with the goal of increasing their capacity to develop projects with a potential for circulation in Europe and beyond, and of facilitating international co-productions, including those with TV broadcasters, through financial grants for the development of a single audio-visual project.


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Data sheet


  • Italian Film or co-production
  • Foreign film

Distribution channel

  • Cinema
  • Television

Film industry branch

  • Development


  • € 700.000 (€130,000 for the round with the deadline of December)


  • selective

Eligible projects

  • Feature Film
  • TV series


  • Italian production company
  • European production company
  • Non-European production company

Minimum Contribution


Maximum contribution


Maximum quota on cost

50% of the amount budgeted for development

Type of contribution

  • Non-repayable grants


  • Production start date must be given

The beneficiaries of the grants in the present call for applications will be small and medium sized businesses (SME), headquartered legally or operationally in Piedmont, established no less than a year before the date of the application submission or who commit to setting up an operational headquarters in Piedmont by the project work start date.

The businesses submitting requests must be sole producers or co-producers of the project being presented and hold at least 50% of the rights either directly or with an option contract.

Payment schedule

The administrative process will be completed within, and no later than, 90 days from the day after the closing date for submissions.

The grant assigned will be delivered by FCTP in two payments:

  1. an advance of 70% following presentation of the Start of Work declaration (together with the relative accounting documentation) sent to FCTP;
  2. the remainder of 30% on presentation of the documentation and material requested.


A single request for funding may be submitted for each call.

The presentation – complete with all the obligatory attachments requested – must be submitted exclusively by PEC to: fctpdevelopment@legalmail.it

The project must, however, be completed in a time frame articulated as follows:

  1. the Start of Work communication should be issued within 3 months from the date that the list of projects receiving grants is published;
  2. completion should take place within 20 months of the Start of Work date, with presentation of the requested documentation and material.

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