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Cavour Castle – Santena

Castello Cavour, Piazza Visconti Venosta, Santena, TO, Italia

Cavour Castle – Santena

Castello Cavour, Piazza Visconti Venosta, Santena, TO, Italia


Cavour Castle is part of the Cavour Complex of Santena (TO) which also includes the Tomb of Count Cavour, Palazzo delle Scuderie and a park. The tomb was inscribed as a national monument and is safeguarded, with the rest of the complex, by the Cavour Foundation.

Built between 1712 and 1720 by Francesco Gallo, architect from the Piedmont region, the castle was modified in the second half of the 19th century. The original layout included a piano nobile and a mezzanine with central reception room, a second floor with long balcony and a third floor on the two sides. Modifications commissioned by Giuseppina Benso di Cavour from 1876 led to the raising of the central block and the decoration of the façade with motifs inspired by nature.

To the left of the building is the Sala Diplomatica, decorated with important plasterwork between 1770 and 1780 by Giovanni Battista San Bartolomeo.

The castle looks onto an English garden, designed by Xavier Kurten, with two parallel staircases leading up to the piano nobile. The castle which conserves many significant pieces and furnishings, has the mission of preserving the memory of the Cavour and Visconti Venosta families.

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