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Strada del Caneo, Grado, GO, Italia


Strada del Caneo, Grado, GO, Italia


The reed bed of Caneo grows within the Regional nature reserve Mouth of the river Isonzo, which extends over 2,350 hectares in the municipality of di Grado (province of Gorizia).

Caneo extends along the right bank of the Isonzo river and features numerous sandy islets, small semi-submerged islands and areas. This part of the Reserve provides a safe haven for over 300 species of bird, including 80 which breed there. The area is accessible for guided tours and is equipped with walkways, protection for the birds and bird-watching blinds. In addition, an unusual accommodation structure stands on stilts in the midst of the natural environment, between the rushing water of the river Isonzo and the silence of the Grado lagoon.

Within easy reach of Caneo are Cona island, to the left of the Isonzo river mouth, and valle Cavanata with the Averto forest.

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Tarmac road, Accessible with large vehicles, Accessible by boat
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Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission
Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3 — 34132 Trieste
Phone: +39 040 3720142
Email: info@fvgfilmcommission.com

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