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Session expirations:

  • 10.01.2024
  • 04.04.2024
  • 10.09.2024 Open


Eurimages is the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe. Established in 1988, it currently has 38 member states.

Eurimages promotes the European audiovisual industry by providing financial support to films, animations and documentaries produced in Europe, supporting cinematographical works co-produced by Member States and encouraging cooperation between professionals from different states.

Eurimages has three support schemes:

  • feature film co-production
  • promotion of co-production
  • exhibition


  • Council of Europe Eurimages
  • Phone: +33 3 88 41 26 40
  • Email: eurimages@coe.int
  • Web Site: https://www.coe.int/en/web/eurimages
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Data sheet


  • International co-production

Distribution channel

  • Cinema

Film industry branch

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Exhibition


  • € 27,500,000

Eligible projects

  • Feature Film
  • Documentary
  • Animation


  • European production company
  • Italian or European distribution company
  • European theatres

Maximum contribution

  • Co-production: €500,000
  • Exhibition: €15,000

Maximum quota on cost


  • Fiction: 17%
  • Projects with one or more female directors attached: 25%
  • Documentary: 25%

Type of contribution

  • Non-repayable grants
  • Soft loan (co-production)



  • Feature-length fiction, animation and documentary projects of a maximum duration of 70 minutes are eligible.
  • Projects submitted must respect the legislation of the countries concerned and the bilateral or multilateral treaties in force between the co-producing countries.
  • All projects submitted must have at least two co-producers from different member states of the Fund:
    • for multilateral co-productions the participation of the majority co-producer must not exceed 70% of the total co-production budget and the participation of the minority co-producers must not be lower than 10%.
    • for bilateral co-productions the participation of the majority co-producer must not exceed 80% of the total co-production budget and the participation of the minority co-producer must not be lower than 20%. 
    • for bilateral co-productions with a budget above €5 million, a majority participation of 90% of the total co-production budget is allowed.
    • In the case of projects falling under the Council of Europe Convention on Cinematographic Co-production (revised), the co-production contributions set out in that Convention shall be applied.
  • Co-producers from non-member states of the Fund may participate in the project provided that:
    • their combined financial participation does not exceed 30% of the total co-production budget; 
    • their combined ownership of rights does not exceed 30%. 
  • Projects must display artistic and/or technical co-operation between at least two co-producers established in different member states of the Fund, of which at least one member state of the Council of Europe.
  • At least 50% of the financing in each of the co-producing countries must be confirmed at the time of application by formal undertakings or agreements in principle.

Payment schedule

Co-production: payment will be made in two instalments of 70% and 30%.

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