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Lucana DOC

Session opening:

  • 17.10.2023

Session expirations:

  • 31.12.2023 Open


With this call, the Lucana Film Commission intends to promote incentives for "documentary-genre" productions (including Docufilm, Docufiction and Docufantasy) to be made in Basilicata, in order to boost the locations of the region and the expertise of regional industry professionals and suppliers.

LUCANA DOC - Incentives to highlight the Lucanian Landscape is aimed at promoting and developing the natural, historical and cultural heritage of "Lucania" through the audiovisual arts. The specific intention is to select the most appropriate narrative tools to shine a spotlight on the unique nature of Basilicata, a "land of profound stories".


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Data sheet


  • Italian Film or co-production
  • Foreign film
  • Co-Production

Film industry branch

  • Production


  • € 1,000,000

Eligible projects

  • Documentary


  • Italian production company
  • European production company
  • Industry Professional - Italy
  • Industry Professional - Europe
  • Industry Professional - Outside Europe

Maximum contribution

€ 250,000

Maximum quota on cost



  • Minimum working days on the territory:


The call targets active micro, small and medium-sized enterprises which, on the date of submission of the application, meet the following requirements:

  • are producers of the audiovisual work being presented;
  • are registered in the Italian Companies Register (Registro delle Imprese) or equivalent in a member state of the European Union;
  • operate mainly in the sector of "Film, video and television program production activities" (ATECO code 59.11 or 59.12 and subsequent updates);
  • have their registered office or a local unit in the Region of Basilicata. This must be in place by the time of the first disbursement.

Payment schedule

The benefit will be paid to the beneficiaries in the following ways:

  • Either a single payment, at the end of post-production and following presentation of the final accounting report;
  • Or two payments: an advance of 30% of the grant upon specific request; followed by balance of the remainder upon specific request, at the end of post-production and following presentation of the final accounting report.


The application must be submitted exclusively via email PEC (Certified Email) to lucanafilmcommission@pec.it; use Attachment 1 of the Notice.

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