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Fund for the development of film co-productions between Italy and the Baltic States

Session opening:

  • 06.12.2023

Session expirations:

  • 15.01.2024 Closed


The aim of the call for applications is to finance the development of feature-length films in co-production between Italy and the Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania).


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Data sheet

Distribution channel

  • Cinema

Film industry branch

  • Development


  • €40,000 (MiC: €20,000 - EFI/NFCL/LFC: €20,000)

Eligible projects

  • Feature Film
  • Documentary
  • Animation


  • Italian production company
  • European production company
  • Industry Professional - Europe

Maximum contribution


Type of contribution

  • Non-repayable grants


  • Films must involve at least one producer with its registered office in Italy and one producer with its registered office in one of the Baltic States (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia).
  • The participation of co-producers from other countries is permitted when limited to a minority quota with respect to the co-producers from Italy and the Baltic States.
  • The Italian and Baltic co-producers must each contribute no less than 20% of the development costs (including direct contributions and those deriving from other sources).
  • In the case of a multi-lateral co-development project (with the participation of one or more Baltic States or another country), the minimum contribution of the minority co-producer may not be less than 10%.
  • The grant application must be requested by the majority co-producer from the domestic institution in the country of fiscal residence. In the case of equal co-production quotas and when the rights to the creative development of the artistic material have been ceded to both co-producers, the application should be addressed to Italy’s Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual (DGCA) if the director is resident in Italy or when the writer of the screenplay is resident in Italy if the director has not yet been appointed by the co-producers.
  • Grant applications addressed to DGCA must be requested by production companies, including as associated producer, who:
    • are legally headquartered or have an operations unit in the European Economic Area;
    • have fiscal residency in Italy at the moment of disbursement of the grant;
    • do not qualify as non-European producers;
    • do qualify as independent producers;
    • operate with Ateco code 59.11;
    • possess the rights (through contracts or acquisition options) to the creative development of the screenplay, concept, treatment and other artistic material contributing to making the film.

Payment schedule

Disbursement of the grant varies from one to two payments according to the amount assigned.


Applications, including all the required documentation, should be sent to the following PEC (certified email) address: dg-ca.bandi-cosviluppo@pec.cultura.gov.it  and the (regular) email address: laura.salerno@cultura.gov.it, with the project title and name of the Italian production company making the request in the subject field.

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