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Support for the development of co-production projects between Italy and Portugal

Session opening:

  • 20.12.2023

Session expirations:

  • 15.02.2024 Closed


The Directorate General Cinema and Audiovisual of MiC and ICA have appointed a “Development Fund for Co-productions between Italy and Portugal” with a total budget of €100,000 for works (drama, animation and documentary) intended for theatrical release and distribution.


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Data sheet


  • Italian - Portuguese co-productions

Distribution channel

  • Cinema

Film industry branch

  • Development


  • €100,000 (DGCA: €50,000 - ICA: €50,000)


  • selective

Eligible projects

  • Feature Film
  • Documentary
  • Animation


  • Italian production company
  • European production company

Minimum Contribution


Maximum contribution

Drama and Documentary: €25,000

Animation: €35,000

Type of contribution

  • Non-repayable grants


The projects must have one (at least) producer officially headquartered in Italy and one in Portugal.

Requirements for the companies in Italy:

  • legal headquarters or operational unit in the European Economic Area;
  • must be physically resident in Italy at the moment of the disbursement of the grant;
  • must not qualify as non-European businesses;
  • must qualify as independent producers;
  • must operate with the Ateco 59.1 code;
  • must be in possession of the rights to the creative development (as contracts or acquisition option) to the screenplay, story, treatment and other artistic material inherent to the production of the film.

The minimum contribution of one of the producers must be at least 20% of the development costs.

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