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Greek Theatre of Siracusa

Teatro Greco, Via Luigi Bernabò Brea, Siracusa, SR, Italia

Greek Theatre of Siracusa

Teatro Greco, Via Luigi Bernabò Brea, Siracusa, SR, Italia


The Greek Theatre is located inside the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, an area of 35 hectares in the heart of Siracusa. Dug from the rocks of Temenite hill by the Greeks, it was built in the 5th century BCE and later modified in the 3rd century and again during Roman times when it hosted games and events with wild beasts and gladiators.
After being almost completely abandoned during the Middle Ages, the theatre underwent transformation and destruction during the centuries that followed, until it reached its present-day shape in the rock. It is often used for plays and other forms of entertainment.
The large semi-circular cavea is divided into nine sectors, divided by eight stairs. 46 of the 67 orders of steps dug out of the rock remain today. There are traces of an L-shaped portico at the top of the cavea in addition to flooring in cocciopesto (Roman lime plaster) and signs of the numerous modifications carried out in the area of the stage and orchestra pit.

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