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Chiesa di San Cristoforo sul Naviglio - Milan

Via San Cristoforo, 3, Milano, MI, Italia

Chiesa di San Cristoforo sul Naviglio - Milan

Via San Cristoforo, 3, Milano, MI, Italia


The provost church of San Cristoforo sul Naviglio is a Catholic place of worship in Milan located in the homonymous street on the Naviglio Grande towpath. It is the seat of the Ambrosian rite parish of the same name in the archdiocese of Milan, which is part of the deanery of the canals of the pastoral area. The complex consists of two churches. The oldest is the one on the left. Of the primitive church built in ancient times, there is scarce news; in the absence of more specific documents it is known that there was a Romanesque church, a reconstruction of an even older building. It was still rebuilt in the mid-thirteenth century during the period of the excavations of the Naviglio Grande; in it in the mid-fourteenth century the Gothic portal and the rose window were added to the facade. 

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