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Villasimius, CA, Italia


Villasimius, CA, Italia


The coastline of Villasimius (CA) is graced with a crown of beaches interspersed with inlets and the Capo Carbonara promontory. Along the panoramic road starting at Capo Boi, the southernmost point of the protected Marine Area, are the beaches of Porto sa Ruxi, Campus and Campulongu, all blessed with gorgeous blue seas and white sandy beaches framed by Mediterranean brush.

Not far from town is the unusual spiaggia del Riso beach, remarkable for its rice-shaped sand. Past the modern-day tourist harbour, on the western side of Capo Carbonara, are inlets nestled between the cliffs, including Cala Caterina.

On the eastern side are other gems of the seashore, such as Porto Giunco, and behind it the stagno di Notteri marshes where pink flamingos and other rare species of wild birds nest. From high up on the promontory, home to an Aragonese, the panorama is that of an endless field of shades of blue, two seas divided by a narrow strip of white sand that looks like powdered sugar. Further north are the beaches of Simius and Traias, followed by Rio Trottu and Manunzas, that provide the backdrop for Punta Molentis.

Nuragic remains are the Accu Is Traias (I century BCE – III century CE) and Cruccuris (I-II CE) necropoles near the roman baths of Santa Maria, and the Cuccureddus site, an early Phoenician-Punic settlement later taken over by the Romans.

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Tarmac road, Accessible by car
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Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission
Via Malta 63 — 09124 Cagliari
Phone: +39 070 2041961
Email: filmcommission@regione.sardegna.it

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L'Isola di Pietro
TV series – 18 episodes
Directed by: Umberto Carteni, Giulio Manfredonia, Luca Brignone

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