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Longobucco, CS, Italia


Longobucco, CS, Italia


The high Sila plateau covers an overall surface area of 150,000 hectares across the provinces of Cosenza, Crotone and Catanzaro, with vast forests spread over plains, mountain peaks and lakes, extending out over the Pollino and Aspromonte ranges. It is divided, from north to south, into the subranges Sila Greca, Sila Grande and Sila Piccola (respectively Greek, Greater and Lesser).
Multiple reservoirs, watercourses and lakes were built in the first half of the last century. The woods are mostly beech and Bosnian pine, typical of the Sila range. The ridges are flanked by broad valleys used for grazing.
The plateau is a natural habitat for wolf and deer, and also a birdwatching destination with many birds of prey including the short-toed eagle, red kite and Eurasian eagle-owl.
The area is protected as the National Park of the Sila and incudes various residential centres including: Acri (known as the gateway to Sila), San Giovanni in Fiore, Castelsilano with a wealth of natural springs and caves of speleological interest, and the medieval village of Acerenthia.
It is very popular with hikers and trekkers while Lakes Ampollino, Cecita, Arvo are used for canoeing and fishing. The villages of Lorica, Camigliatello and Ciricilla, in the province of Catanzaro, have ski slopes.

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Fondazione Calabria Film Commission
Cittadella Regione Calabria — Località Germaneto — 88100 Catanzaro
Phone: +39 0961 853836
Email: info@calabriafilmcommission.it

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Dinner Club
Directed by: Caterina Pollini, Riccardo Struchil
Vorrei vederti ballare
Film drama
Directed by: Nicola Deorsola

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