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Sea stack of Masua and Pan di Zucchero

Masua, CI, Italia

Sea stack of Masua and Pan di Zucchero

Masua, CI, Italia


The massive rock of Pan di Zucchero is the natural monument symbolizing Masua, a coastal district of Iglesias. From above, you can see other nearby rocks of S'Agusteri and del Morto and the sea stack of Punta de Is Cicalas.

The islet of Pan di Zucchero, which gets its name from its resemblance to Pao de Acucardi in Rio de Janeiro, is characterized by its light colour and by its surface consisting of flat ridges. Inside, it is perforated by two large arches that create karst phenomena with tunnels, one of which is travelled throughin a small boat. In front, you will see the sea stacks of Porto Flavia, where the tunnel of an evocative 20th-century mine, carved in the reef, opens up. From here, minerals were loaded directly onto the merchant ships. At the foot of the mine, there is the Cave of the Soffione (meaning fumarole), so-called because of the effect generated by the waves of the sea that meander into its cavity and are 'bounced' making large splashes.

In the beautiful cove of Masua, in front of the sea stacks, there is a large beach equipped with all necessary services. Its seabed is sand, mixed with stones and a few rocks, especially near the sea.

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