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The tracks of the historic Sardinian railways — The Green Train

Mandas, CA, Italia

The tracks of the historic Sardinian railways — The Green Train

Mandas, CA, Italia


A unique railway line, derived from the ‘old components’, designed and constructed between the late 19th and early-20th centuries: 4 trails totalling 437km, with three sections having been operating non-stop for 130 years, including engineering and architectural works, such as bridges and tunnels. The lines, never abandoned, have been preserved and protected, connecting the coasts and hinterland.

The locomotives date back to early 20th century: wooden details, the window frames glimmering, framed with damask curtains. Inside, red velvet lounges run along a corridor lit by yellow-tone ceiling lights.

From Mandas, a medieval village in Trexenta trains head in two directions. The first and historical line today, crosses the Sarcidano sub-region and rises up to Laconi. The second Mandas line reaches Sadali, crossing much of Sarcidano and the Barbagia di Seulo historical region.

From June to early September, the train toots along each weekend, also travelling the Ogliastra route. The Eastern course departs from the port of Arbatax and reaches Gairo Sant’Elena in the depths of Ogliastra.

The journey which traverses the Gallura commences in Tempio and terminates in Palau, the ‘gateway’ to the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

The north-western line currently departs from Santa Maria di Corte, in the territory of Sindia. After crossing the Planargia sub-region, the train reaches Bosa Marina.

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