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Satriano di Lucania

Satriano di Lucania, PZ, Italia

Satriano di Lucania

Satriano di Lucania, PZ, Italia


Satriano di Lucania (PZ) was established in the Middle Ages as Pietrafixa, name which later mutated into Pietrafesa until 1887 when the municipal administration decided to change it to Satriano, an ancient city of Lucania whose ruins are located nearby, to reaffirm their historical links. To distinguish it from similar names di Lucania was added.

Due to its artistic wealth, the town is included in the 190 “authentic borgos of Italy” and has also been known as the “mural capital” since 1983: to date there are more than 400, scattered across the historical centre and the surrounding areas. Created by a range of artists, the murals are an unusual characteristic and can be found on the facades of buildings in the historical centre and main thoroughfare. Their various themes include: professions of the past, magical beliefs and moments from the life of De Gregorio or “il Pietrafesa”, a painter originally from Satriano di Lucania who worked in Basilicata and the Cilento region in the second half of the 1600s.

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Lucana Film Commission
Via Madonna delle Virtù snc — 75100 Matera (sede legale); Corso Garibaldi 139 — 85100 Potenza (uffici)
Phone: +39 0971 665034
Email: lucanafilmcommission@gmail.com

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The best of you
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Directed by: Fabrizio Maria Cortese

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