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Muro Lucano

Muro Lucano, PZ, Italia

Muro Lucano

Muro Lucano, PZ, Italia


Situated between 600 – 660m above sea level, Muro Lucano (PZ) is nicknamed the nativity scene because of the position of its residential centre which extends, in steps, down the hillside to the Marmo Platano valley. The acropolis of the town is represented by the Castle and the Cathedral which dominate the ancient neighbourhood of Borgo Pianello whose meticulous illumination enhances its characteristics. Here, in addition to alleyways and smaller houses, are noble residences, small squares, portals and arches of notable artistic value.

The hamlet of Capodigiano, 3km from the town, can be accessed from Borgo Pianello by a parabolic arch bridge, one of the first to be built in reinforced concrete in Southern Italy.

Muro Lucano is also known for being the birthplace of San Gerardo Maiella, patron of Basilicata, and for the assassination of Queen Joanna I of Naples, which took place inside the castle.

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Via Madonna delle Virtù snc — 75100 Matera (sede legale); Corso Garibaldi 139 — 85100 Potenza (uffici)
Phone: +39 0971 665034
Email: lucanafilmcommission@gmail.com

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