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Caves of Collepardo

Grotte di Collepardo, Via delle Grotte, Collepardo, FR, Italia

Caves of Collepardo

Grotte di Collepardo, Via delle Grotte, Collepardo, FR, Italia


The Caves of Collepardo (FR), also known as the Grotte dei Bambocci because of the imaginative forms of the stalactites and stalagmites, were formed by multiple Karst phenomena in the area linked to the subterranean erosion of the soil by water, as also occurred with the nearby Karst sinkhole known as Pozzo d’Antullo.

The caves are located approx. 30m from the River Fiume and are closed to the public to safeguard a numerous colony of bats. Significant prehistoric artefacts have been found inside, including a Cervus elaphus (red deer) and skeletons from the Bronze Age (1600-1400 B.C.E.). There are also traces of the later cult of Mithras whose followers took advantage of the natural cave to build a large sanctuary, for once not obliged to create an artificial one for their worship.

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Tarmac road, Accessible on foot
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