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Calanchi, Tursi, MT, Italia


Calanchi, Tursi, MT, Italia


The badlands characterize the harsh landscape of south-eastern Basilicata, among the valleys of Sauro, Agri and BasentoIn these parts of the territory, it is possible to notice furrows placed in parallel or fan, created by the erosion of surface water on the clay slopes, called Calanchi and perfectly described in Carlo Levi's work Christ stopped at Eboli. The territory in this area is therefore bare and rich in white clay, steep and characterized by precipices and valleys excavated by water erosion.

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Tarmac road, Unmade road, Trail, Accessible with large vehicles, Accessible with off-road vehicles, Accessible by helicopter or plane
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Lucana Film Commission
Via Madonna delle Virtù snc — 75100 Matera (sede legale); Corso Garibaldi 139 — 85100 Potenza (uffici)
Phone: +39 0971 665034
Email: lucanafilmcommission@gmail.com

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Basilicata coast to coast
Film comedy
Directed by: Rocco Papaleo
Christ Stopped at Eboli
Biographical film
Directed by: Francesco Rosi
Moschettieri del Re
Film comedy
Directed by: Giovanni Veronesi