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Valle Cervo

Oasi Zegna, Valdilana, BI, Italia

Valle Cervo

Oasi Zegna, Valdilana, BI, Italia


Valle Cervo is a mountain area that develops along the banks of the river Cervo from its starting point Northwest of the residential centre of Piedicavallo (on the border with Valle d'Aosta) to the valley floor and the city of Biella.

It is divided into Alta Valle (identified as the mountain community of Bürsch) and Bassa Valle, south of Sagliano Micca. Its highest altitude is registered in monte Bo, which reaches 2,556m. Part of its territory is included in the area of Oasi Zegna.

The area is characterised by the presence of chestnut and beech woods. Numerous stone quarries evoke the still-complicated relationship between man and the natural environment in this somewhat flood-prone valley whose ecosystem has become precarious due to climate instability.

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Tarmac road, Unmade road, Trail, Accessible with off-road vehicles
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