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Valle Formazza

Val Formazza, VB, Italia

Valle Formazza

Val Formazza, VB, Italia


The main residential centre in the Valley of Formazza, Formazza (VB) is an ancient Walser settlement dating to the 12th century when a group of ethnic German shepherds from Canton Vallese in Switzerland migrated here peacefully and adapted to the rigors of mountain life. Ever since, they have passed on their language, costumes, traditions and typical architecture down the generations.

With a drop of 145m, the imposing Toce waterfall is the symbol of Valle Formazza. The visitor is greeted with a unique panorama at 1,657m altitude amidst the mountains of high Valle Formazza, surrounded by pastures, rocks and pine forests.

The plain of Riale, the dam and Lake Morasco, above the waterfall, all create a spectacular setting for interesting excursions to the border with Switzerland (Passo di San Giacomo) or a peaceful picnic.

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