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Campania has always been beloved by great directors because of the light, shapes and colours of its landscapes. While immediately recognisable, the area is also characterised by the extraordinary variety of its landscapes, the range of its heritage and its character, both proud and generous.

Film Commission Regione Campania was established in September 2004 by the Region. It has been operative since April 2005 and has become a Foundation in January 2014. The aim of FCRC is to promote the regional area of Campania as a film-friendly environment for the production of film, television drama and all kinds of audiovisual products, capitalising on the outstanding range of locations and the high professional standards of the business and creative communities already present in Campania.


  • Film Commission Regione Campania
  • Piazza G. Bovio, 14 — 80133 Napoli
  • Phone: +39 0814206091
  • Fax: +39 0817904221
  • Email: info@fcrc.it
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  • Information and assistance for the release of permits and authorisations
  • Location scouting
  • Special conditions for accommodation at reduced rates
  • Special conditions for food and drink at reduced rates
  • Contacts with local institutions

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