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Mount Conero

Monte Conero, Ancona, AN, Italia

Mount Conero

Monte Conero, Ancona, AN, Italia


The Regional Nature Park of the Conero is an environmental reserve that grew up around Monte Conero, 572m of Mediterranean maquis on a cliff over the sea. The park has a total surface area of 6,011 ha. which stretches across the areas of Ancona, Camerano, Numana and Sirolo.

The park was set up in 1987 and comprises a stretch of high coastline and a large hilly area inland, with panoramic views and a rich history, including the Torre di Guardia and the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria in the bay of Portonovo.

Its abandoned quarries make the Park an ‘open book’ on the geological history of the area. Created through a long process of marine sedimentation that started in the Jurassic period, Mount Conero formed in the Pliocene period, five million years ago. Coves open in the side of Mount Conero, plunging down into the Adriatic, made of white pebbles like the stone of Conero, one of a kind.

The eastern slopes, overlooking the sea, are made up of calcareous cliffs, with the other slopes are dominated by vast Mediterranean rock formations and mixed forests.

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Marche Film Commission — Fondazione Marche Cultura
Piazza Cavour 23 — 60121 Ancona
Phone: +39 071 9951 623/624/625
Email: silvia.pincini@fondazionemarchecultura.it

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Niente può fermarci
Film comedy
Directed by: Luigi Cecinelli

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