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Monte Subasio

Monte Subasio, Assisi, PG, Italia

Monte Subasio

Monte Subasio, Assisi, PG, Italia


Monte Subasio, 1,290m in the province of Perugia, is part of the Umbrian-Marche Apennines. The cities of Assisi and Spello are located on its western slopes, while part of the territory of Nocera Umbra and Valtopina lies to the east, it borders Gualdo Tadino in the North and Foligno in the south.

Monte Subasio has cool summers while winters are often harsh and snowy. It stands out in the Umbrian landscape for its unusual round shape and the cities of Assisi and Spello extending down its slopes.

A range of landscapes and views alternate on the mountain: from small woods to ample grazing steppes, populated by numerous cows and studded with rocks and small shrubs. Vast fields are crossed by white pebbled roads leading to the peak where the antenna of Radio Subasio are located, potential inspiration for reconstructions of industrial, mystical or historical settings There is an abundant presence of bones near the woods: skeletons and skulls of large animals filter up from the earth, giving some areas a macabre, desolate look which contrast with the lively range of autumnal colours and tones of green provided by the vegetation of the mountain.

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Tarmac road, Unmade road, Mule track, Trail, Accessible with large vehicles, Accessible by car, Accessible with off-road vehicles, Accessible on foot
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Fondazione Umbria Film Commission
Via M. Angeloni 61 — 06124 Perugia
Phone: 075-5045878
Email: info@umbriafilmcommission.com

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