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Umbertide, PG, Italia


Umbertide, PG, Italia


Umbertide lies in the territory of the Upper Tiber Valley to the North of Umbria, in a green valley dominated by mount Acuto. The first certain information about the town dates to 1189, when Umbertide was submitted to the jurisdiction of Perugia. The rule of Perugia lasted until the 16th century, when it became part of the Papal State, whose dominion remained until the constitution of the Kingdom of Italy (1860).

Eternal symbol of the town, the rocca, a superb medieval fortress which has been completely renovated and is currently the site of the Center for Contemporary Art, stands out the historic centre. Noteworthy features include the octagonal Church of Santa Maria della Reggia, called Collegiata, and the Church of Santa Croce (1610), which has been carefully restored and transformed into a museum. The Church of St. Francis, the oldest in Umbertide (1299), was reopened to the public in 2005 after restoration. The many ancient churches in the area include the Abbey of San Salvatore and the Hermitage of Monte Corona which stands 700m above sea level in a beech and chestnut wood overlooking the Camaldolese abbey founded in 1008.

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Fondazione Umbria Film Commission
Via M. Angeloni 61 — 06124 Perugia
Phone: 075-5045878
Email: info@umbriafilmcommission.com

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