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Rural House Museum – Corciano

Via Tarragone, 12, 06073 Corciano, PG, Italia

Rural House Museum – Corciano

Via Tarragone, 12, 06073 Corciano, PG, Italia


The Museo della Casa Contadina was established in 1976 from the research and collection of objects related to agricultural work and domestic and craft activities by the Pro Loco of Corciano (PG) and local residents. Over time, the collection has grown with further donations, thus preventing the loss of a heritage that recalls Corciano's agricultural past. The Museum documents the wider rural context in which the farmer's work was carried out and the subsistence economy connected to it. Indeed, the rooms in which the household objects and utensils, plus agricultural tools, are kept and displayed recreate a traditional farmhouse: a basement-stable, a barn, a kitchen and a bedroom. The collection's most important artefact, a wooden loom equipped with spinning and weaving accessories, is exhibited in the basement, along with objects usually found in a traditional rural winery. A series of period photographs and sacred images add to the recreation of the social and religious environment of 19th century Corciano's agrarian society.

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Via M. Angeloni 61 — 06124 Perugia
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