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Costa Smeralda

Porto Cervo, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy

Costa Smeralda

Porto Cervo, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy


Two boulders bearing the words “Costa Smeralda” welcome visitors on arrival, one at the south, from those who come from Olbia, and one at the north, on the road leading to the brilliant blue of Baja Sardinia. Luxury hotels and villas, sparkling nightlife, exclusive boutiques, elegant aperitifs and fine dining made Costa Smeralda the Sardinia’s most glamorous vacation resort.

Porto Cervo, between Golfo Pevero, Pantogia and Capriccioli is the heart of Costa Smeralda. Its gracious architecture is characteristic: small, low, white buildings with soft lines that blend in beautifully with the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation, like the Church of Stella Maris, designed by Michele Busiri Vici.

The Costa Smeralda’s fame is due in large part also to some of its invaluable nearby natural attractions, like Cala di Volpe, an exclusive natural port, Grande Pevero, Liscia di Vacca, surrounded by Mediterranean brush and blessed with turquoise waters, Liscia Ruja, with its inlets framed by fragrant juniper bushes, Romazzino, with its transparent sea and white beaches, and Pitrizza. The lovely bays with white sails draw your eyes to beaches and small islands, like the Isola dei Cappuccini, Bisce Island, south of Caprera, Li Nibani, Mortorio Island, the Isolette delle Camere and Isola di Soffi.

Along the coast is the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute, an international institute set up to study and safeguard these special dolphins.

The surrounding area is home to a variety of interesting archaeological sites like the Li Muri necropolis (in the Arzachena area) that dates to the middle of the IV century BC, the Nuragic complexes of Malchittu and of Albucciu, which feature nuraghe, giant tombs, hut villages and the giant Coddu Vecchiu tomb (III-II millennium BC).

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Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission
Via Malta 63 — 09124 Cagliari
Phone: +39 070 2041961
Email: filmcommission@regione.sardegna.it

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