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Forello Gorge

Gole del Forello, Baschi, TR, Italia

Forello Gorge

Gole del Forello, Baschi, TR, Italia


The Forello Gorge is a valley formed by the River Tiber, between Todi and Orvieto, that crosses the Monte Peglia - Monti Amerini ridge. This impervious and barely inhabited place is the heart of the Tiber River Park. The limescale rock houses significant cave complexes formed by water erosion including the Cave della Piana which extends for 2,500m along a bank of travertine and has provided artefacts dating to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, and the Cave of Vorgozzino, in the scaglia rossa, which reaches a depth of 123m.

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Unmade road, Mule track, Trail, Accessible by car, Accessible with off-road vehicles, Accessible on foot, Wheelchair not accessible
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