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Island of Burano – Venice

Burano, Venezia, VE, Italia

Island of Burano – Venice

Burano, Venezia, VE, Italia


Burano is one of the islands of Venice, situated in the northern part of the lagoon and linked to the island of Mazzorbo by bridge.
It is distinguished by the array of multicoloured houses in the historical centre whose bright hues reflect in the green water of the canals. These typical island houses are generally square in shape and two or three storeys tall, with the kitchen and service areas on the ground floor and rooms above.
Piazza Galuppi, the island’s only square, is the location for the Church of St. Martin of Tours, which houses a famous painting by Gian Battista Tiepolo, and the Chapel of St. Barbara. The square also holds the Museo del Merletto (Lace Museum), palazzo del Municipio, a well in Istrian stone and a statue of Baldassare Galuppi by Remigio Barbaro.
The alleys of Burano hold a multitude of artisanal workshops featuring the island’s traditional pillowlace that is still made today with a tombolo by local residents.

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